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Welcome to Mindful Owl Adventures

Teaching kids, parents, grandparents, caregivers and  teachers about the power and benefits of mindfulness in a fun and creative way!
Join Mindful Owl and the kids as they go on a magical adventure to meet animal friends and  learn  how to breathe to calm and focus, send love to get along, visualize to feel safe and other invalubale lessons such as  social emotional regulation .

Mindful Owl Adventures- Friendships Through Mindfulness

A Book to Foster Self-Calming, Kindness, and Friendships through Mindfulness

Learn about mindfulness in this fun and magical story

About The Book


Mindful Owl Adventures-Friendships Through Mindfulness

The Award Winning  Reader Participation Book - The second edition of story of siblings, Alexa and Chester, and their bedtime-adventure with Mindful Owl. 

One moonlit night Mindful Owl magically appears to teach the children about mindfulness. They learn to slowly breathe in and out, to help them to be present, self-calm and focus, to tap into love to be aware and have loving thoughts, and to visualize to feel safe.  Suddenly they are flying through the beautiful blue sky and Owl takes the children on a fun adventure to meet other animal friends. During the journey Alexa and Chester learn interesting information about the animals and also learn important lessons about friendship. They learn the value of sharing and being kind and compassionate. 

Throughout the story the reader participates by discovering each new animal by guessing who will be next and they even help in saving some of the animals. They learn self-calming techniques and positive affirmations and help in solving the story through mindfulness tools they have learned so everyone can get along.

About The Author

Annie Ranger is a mom, an award-winning author, a certified mindfulness, meditation and Reiki Master Teacher. Annie is trained as a master in a variation of Reiki which is a very powerful and gentle form of energy that  comes from a high level of consciousness and provides healing, empowerment, and guidance.  She combines her training in Reiki, Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga with her love and years of research to guide people to overcome obstacles and challenges so they can respond versus react, and live and perform at their highest good - their highest health, highest success, highest joy.


She graduated from UCLA with a degree in History. She combines her experience working in the corporate world as an editor, recruiter, and sales manager, with her time being a mom, wife, and a teacher. Drawing on all of these aspects of her life brings perspective to her sessions and writing.


Annie loves teaching adults, children, and families how to regulate their emotions to shift their energy to harness their own power  to calm, focus, heal and reach goals. She helps people learn about the power of their breath and energy, and how to be aware of their thoughts and vibrations in the present moment. She shares easy-to-learn science backed tools through her writing, one-on-one sessions and group sessions, workshops, and school enrichment programs.


About The Illustrator

Born in Sevastopol, Ukraine, Anna Abramskaya graduated from Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts. Since she was little Anna always loved art, drawing everywhere if she had pencil and paper. “The process of creation always brings me joy and I wish to share this joy with everyone. It is a joy to see the beauty in simple things around us. I want to believe that art can help us to bring more love into our hearts.” Anna now lives in Bellevue Washington with her husband and two young daughters.

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Breathe In,

Breathe Out,

three times and you'll see,

How helpful breathing like this can be!

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San Francisco Book Review

We rated this book: 5 Stars


This innovative, magnificent story is sure to be a parent’s favorite and a child’s treasure!

It's bedtime – time for Alexa and Chester to go to sleep. Instead, they battle over who is going to get their beloved animal friend – the Mindful Owl. Much to their surprise, he magically comes to life and takes on a new role – the role of a teacher of important life lessons. He explains that he’s going to show them how to be peaceful and kind and learn how to share. This inviting and mystical owl begins by teaching them some deep breathing and relaxation exercises and then takes them on a fun and adventurous journey through the deep, blue skies and into the depths of the green and lavish forest. There, the siblings are introduced to Mama Bird, who teaches them how she protectively cares for her eggs. Next, Alexa and Chester cross paths with Speedy Bunny, who teaches them about the importance of staying focused and alert. As they venture further through the domains of the forest, they run into other kind creatures who teach them how they protect themselves and care for others, despite some of their appearances and perceived limitations. They gently instruct this brother and sister team on the power of forgiveness and kindness in the midst of challenges. Finally, Alexa and Chester have the unique opportunity to share all the Mindful Owl has taught them with their new animal friends before they end their delightful journey and return to the landscapes of the real world.

The author does an extraordinary job of weaving together a story that teaches real-life concepts from which all children can gain insight and wisdom and a tale that allows the reader to escape into the imaginary world of sailing through the sky and escapading through a forest filled with talking animals. She further engages the reader by inviting him or her to actively participate in the story by reciting rhymes, pondering who might be next in the story, and participating in breathing exercises to incite calm. The pages are beautifully illustrated, and the text is well organized and perfect for children with second- and third-grade reading levels. The audience for this precious tale, though, is more wide ranging. It’s highly appropriate for children as young as three through children in their early elementary school years. 

" Mindful Owl Adventures is a wonderful introduction to the practice of mindfulness for young children."


"Through an engaging and entertaining story with animals, children learn one of the basic tenants of mindfulness, the value of being able to focus attention on the breath. The story successfully capitalizes on the benefits of mindfulness, sharing, caring, and loving compassion, without labeling them as such. A delightful work for children !"

~Tom Fraser MSPA, Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect

"A great addition to children’s literature! "


"Ms. Ranger creates a thoughtful and important tale about self-esteem and sharing. Charming, engaging and well illustrated, the interactive suggestions throughout will draw youngsters into the story."

~ Dr. Philip Cogen, Behavioral Health Services, Westwood, CA

​ "This clever and innovative book is a must read for young children and their parents!" 


"Mindful Owl Adventures is a delightful book which teaches children about mindfulness in a fun, interactive and playful manner. Annie Ranger does a wonderful job helping kids to focus on their breath and be in the present moment, through the use of rhyme and interaction with the characters." 

~ Teresa Anne Power is the bestselling author of The ABCs of Yoga for Kids product line.

"This charming book will help children learn how to care for others and themselves through mindfulness and self-calming techniques."


 "We see that unkind behaviors may not be intentional; and no one can go wrong with "hearts full of love and light will guide us to do what's right".

~ Rebecca Peterson, Clinical Psychologist

 "Great way to introduce mindfulness to the whole family"

"As an educator, I think Mindful Owl Adventures is a great way to teach kids (not to mention parents, grandparents, and other caregivers!) about the "wise mind" and how simple techniques for calming our bodies can help us feel better--and help us treat others with more compassion. The book is set up nicely with specific things for young readers to say and do on almost every page (e.g., taking deep breaths and blowing out imaginary candles). I can see this book becoming a part of a nightly routine for many families.​"   OH


"A wonderful and empowering resource for teaching children the positive effects of being mindful of others." 


"Encouraging calm and kind behavior while learning how to use sharing and caring to guide decision making is an excellent means of educating children about mindfulness." 

~Trisha Treadwell, Physical Education Teacher 

"A wonderful and insightful read"


"Mindful Owl is such a wonderful book with meaning, value and lifestyle tools; the children and the reader can learn a huge amount from this book. In my opinion, this is the future of human education! I recommend this book to absolutely everyone and anyone, irrespective of age or gender!"    AG

 "Mindfulness should be a natural sensibility for our children, we just have to help them get there!"

"Annie Ranger focuses on a "much-needed" mindset for our youth today. With all the things our children can be in this crazy world, let's guide them to be kind, mindful of other's feelings and loving in their approach to life. This is a must for all Moms of young children, Mom's to Be, and Grandparents who love to "help" raise their grandchilden. The message is simple, clear and KIND. Be sure to give it as a holiday gift, or a gift for anyone's birthday in your family. The power of this book is reading it together with children, parents and grandparents."    JS

"Such an important message and tool for children"

"My kids are now in their 20's but I still shared this book with them for all the wisdom and kindness and reminder of mindfulness it imparts!! So on pulse for the tools that will save our next generation. Highly recommend and a fun, interactive read!!"  WH

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