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Power of Aligning to Love

The Power of Aligning to Love


              "Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend" 

Martin Luther King, Jr. 


There has been so much  isolation, loss, sadness, fear and negativity in the world around us and it can be overwhelming for all of us but especially our young children.


It’s easy to feel hopeless, helpless, scared and sad about by what we see. But, when we gather as a community or group with the intention to tap into love it gives us a space to hope and feel deeply connected to others and our world as a whole. 


Our hearts emit an electromagnetic field that changes according to our emotions.  And, others can pick up the energy of your emotions through the electromagnetic energy radiating from your heart. 

There are studies that show when groups of people focus on the intentions of love and peace at the same time that there has been less crime and violence during the same time frame. It gives us the power to know we can help to make things better in our own special way.  


When we collectively send love out into the world we all can benefit.  It has a positive, uplifting effect on social behaviors and interactions. It helps us feel better, safer and more comfortable, resulting in increased flow and energy and better communication.


To read about the science,  studies and more Heart Brain facts please visit:

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