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Welcome to Kids Mindfulness Day

Making Mindfulness Easy, Fun, and Accessible to All




Our mission is to spread awareness about the benefits of Mindfulness for all kids everywhere. 

Learn how the Power of our Breath, Thoughts, Love, Kindness, Compassion and Gratitude can help to calm and empower all children, families and communities.


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Watch our Kids Love Meditation

Watch our Video from Kids Mindfulness on October 7, 2022

Thank you for helping us

create change 

through the power of our

breath, thoughts and love

Thanks to people like you, we had over 50 Ambassadors in 17 states and 3 countries sign up this year! 



Why Kids Mindfulness Day




By participating in KMD, kids will learn scientifically proven mindfulness tools to help calm and focus their minds and bodies.  They will also take part in an easy 5-minute guided breathing lesson and learn how to visualize to tap into the healing power of both love and the feelings of being a part of a community.

Now, more than ever, kids are stressed by the challenges we have all had to face and are experiencing feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Coping with isolation from friends and the loss of socializing has affected us all. Mindfulness can help us understand that while we may not be able to change outside events, we can control our own thoughts and reactions. Mindfulness can also help boost our immunity and lower stress levels, providing us with many physical and mental health benefits.


Please join us, let's give kids the power to calm their minds and bodies and turn to love, compassion and kindness versus fear, hate and judgement.

Let's get ready for next year October 7, 2023!
10 am PST

Join us during this special day as we spread awareness of the benefits of Mindfulness for kids everywhere. 

Learn how the Power of our Breath, Thoughts, Love, Kindness, Compassion and Gratitude can help to calm and empower all children, families and communities. Let's be a force of love and the presence of peace in these ever-changing times.

Calling all kids, all families and all communities, schools, organizations and anyone who feels guided to join!


On October 7th, 2023, from our own homes, schools or organizations we will focus on the power of Mindfulness and help spread the benefits of Mindfulness for kids. At 10 AM PST, we will introduce easy tips and tools to help kids learn how to self-calm and become empowered. Exercises and tips on how to align to the present moment, to our breath and to feelings of love will be demonstrated in a fun, safe and open setting. Everyone joining in will then be guided through a 5 minute visualization. First, we will go through a short breathing technique that will both calm our bodies, yet also help focus our minds. Then, we will all visualize the feelings of love and then send it through our own bodies, then out to the room, then to our friends and families, our communities, and then out to the world and to anyone we feel may need the love. Finally, we will end the journey by bringing the love back to our own bodies and filling ourselves up with self-love.



Sign up to Participate in Kids Mindfulness Day from your own home, school or community!  


The first 5 people to sign up will get a free signed copy of Mindful Owl Adventures- Friendships Through Mindfulness





We are also looking for Mindfulness Ambassadors from all communities, cities, school, organizations if you want to help spread mindfulness, love, kindness and peace to your community please sign up to be an ambassador! We will send you all the information and materials you will need to have a successful KMD!


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We can't control outside events but with mindfulness tools such as our breath, awareness and our thoughts we can control our reactions to the events. 

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